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Are you ready to join the Vuzag family and take your internet searches to the next level? Connect with the community around you and enjoy a totally personalized search engine and local social media app experience with the free Vuzag app. Become a Zagger today and download the app now!

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Why Join the Vuzag Family?

  • Search Local Businesses Near You

  • Search Local Events Based on Your Interests

  • Discover Featured Places

  • Create an Event

  • Share Photos and Videos

  • Create Posts About What is Happening

  • Connect and Chat With Friends

  • Earn Vuzag Points

  • Businesses Can Post Updates on How Busy They Are

Downloading Vuzag and Getting Started


Vuzag can be downloaded wherever you get your apps! Just download the app, enter some information to set up an account, and you can get started right away searching for businesses, inviting friends, and chatting with locals in your community

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Discover Featured Places in Your Community

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Create Posts and Interact With Friends’ Posts

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Find and Invite Friends

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Take Pictures and Share

How Does Vuzag Work?


Knowing what’s going on in your local community is more important than ever, but do you have a real connection with local businesses or business owners? Do you know all of the breweries in town as well as what brews they just tapped? Are you able to ask a business owner a question about their services? Or chat with people who have been to the brewery already?

Vuzag gives you access to everything local that you need right at your fingertips. Connect with businesses you’re interested in, learn from people who have been there, and get in-depth information that you care about.

Search Engine and Local Social Media App in One


Vuzag has taken the internet to the next level by combining social media and search engines in one easy-to-use and fun app. Find auto shops, hair salons, restaurants, bookstores, and explore featured businesses to find what’s new around you.

When you’ve found a place you’re interested in, chat with other people who have been there, view images, ask questions, and more!


For Business Owners


Trying to beat the competition? Stand out from the rest with Vuzag! Give your potential customers or clients exactly what they want and need with engaging posts and details about your business to draw them in. Get special offers and deals in front of the people who are looking at your business. Staying social is a great way to get ahead and get connected with your local community.

Earn Vuzag Points

Every time you invite a friend, post on your Timeline, create an event, interact with friends’ posts, or check-in to a location, you can earn Vuzag points! The more points you earn, the greater the chance of being on the leaderboard and winning amazing prizes.

Experience your community like never before with a local social media app and search engine!

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Don’t zip through life, but zag! Join the Vuzag family today. Download our local social app now!