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View your community and zag through life

At Vuzag, we know the power of search engines. However, the information presented can seem so impersonal. How do you know if you’ve truly found what you’re looking for? That’s where Vuzag comes into play.

Vuzag is a free local social app and an innovative platform that was designed to combine the power of search engines with the personal feel of social media. We help you connect to people, places, and events near you and allow you to interact with your search results for a truly more personalized experience. You’ll be able to view what is happening at your favorite businesses in real-time so you can plan your next outing accordingly. Download our app on the App Store or get it on Google Play today!

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Here’s What You Can Do With Vuzag!

  • Search Local Businesses Near You

  • Search Local Events Based on Your Interests

  • Discover Featured Places

  • Create an Event

  • Share Photos and Videos

  • Create Posts About What is Happening

  • Connect and Chat With Friends

  • Earn Vuzag Points

  • Businesses Can Post Updates on How Busy They Are

Connecting You to Your Local Community


It can be hard finding a local restaurant, music venue, or book store that you really want to check out without having real information about what is available, what specials they’re offering, or what events are coming up. With Vuzag, our social media and search engine app helps you connect with your local community in a personal way, getting you the information you need.

A Local Social App and Search Engine For Everyone


Whether you want to find out what people think about the new restaurant in town, want to get a sneak peek at the band that is playing at your favorite brewery, chat with friends about upcoming events, or search for a local auto shop, you can do it all with Vuzag!

We also feature a local group chat so you can engage with businesses and residents in your community like never before. If you want to ask someone who has used a pet groomer, go ahead! If you want to ask a business owner if they offer a specific service, you can! Vuzag is a great way to get the information you need about local businesses, events, or services using a fun, interactive, and engaging app.


For Business Owners


If you happen to be a business owner, you’ll love being able to virtually engage with customers — taking customer service to a whole new level. Potential customers want businesses that will work closely with them, and can offer quick and friendly advice, opinions, or answers. What better way to communicate with your customers about your business than with a fun local social app?

In addition, with today’s need for remaining socially distant, you can update your customers on how busy you are. If your restaurant is heading into the busy Saturday night dinner rush, let your customers know that there may be a wait until they can get a table. This will ensure customers are happy and safe when they do show up at your restaurant.

Earn Vuzag Points

Because we care about your search experience, we also allow you to use the app to earn points and climb our Vuzag leaderboard — the top earners are rewarded with prizes. Looking for a discount on upcoming events? Or maybe a free appetizer at your favorite restaurant? Engage with people and places near you and who knows what the rewards may be!

Download Vuzag Today!

Don’t zip through life, but zag! Join the Vuzag family today. Download our local social app now!